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Advanced Windows Beta

UP Studio Version

Release Date: 15/11/2017

What’s New?
1. Added rotate and move function in the Clip View.
2. Added display progress bar at the bottom with cancel button while loading 3D model.
3. Added animation to the Manual Calibration.
4. Added Printer’s QR code

a. Where to find: Login -> My Account -> My 3D Printer -> Generate connected printer’s unique QR Code.
b. You can save this QR Code to your computer.
c. How to use: Open the UP Studio app on your iOS device, and then connect your printer by scanning its QR Code.

5. Added auto-delete update packages.
6. Upload Model: Added warning messages about the maximum number of surface facets.
7. Resize Model: Model cannot be enlarged over 100, 000times.

Fixed and Optimised:
1. Fixed bugs causing software crashes.
2. Fixed wheel menu dragging bug.
3. Optimized wheel menu general performance.
4. Optimized model profiles to resolved a wireless connection issues, especially for sending large size model in thin layers to the printer.
5. Optimized tooltips appearance.
6. Optimized clear print slot function.

UP Studio Version BETA

Release Date: 02/11/2017

What’s New?
1. Added rotation and move function to Clip feature.
2. Added progress bar for adding model and cancel option to stop.
3. Added animation to Manual Calibration.
4. Added QR code

a. Where: My Account -> Connected printer/ All Printer
b. How to use: Scan to connect because the QR Code of each printer is unique.
c. The QR Code can be saved into local file folder.





Fixed and Optimised:
1. Optimised function and layout for Moshop.
2. Optimised drag and drop function for Wheel menus.
3. Optimised general performance for Clip.

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